Hand Controls and disability - it has to be Alfred Bekker

We have been providing disabled drivers with Hand Controls and other vehicle adaptions since 1975 and are recognized as a leader in our industry. We have thousands of satisfied customers and are often told by them that we have the best hand controls on the market, which is just one of the reasons they buy from us time and time again.

Hand Controls

Our disabled hand controls are still considered the best hand controls on the market. Often copied, but never equalled is what we hear from our thousands of satisfied disabled drivers who are driving on our hand controls and driving aids.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

We led the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles revolution many years ago with our early conversions. Today, we are still leading the pack with our cost effective Drive from Wheelchair and Wheelchair Passenger solutions.

Driving Aids

Alfred Bekker supply a wide range of driving aids that are suited to disabled and non disabled drivers and passengers.
Many of which are available for free on the Motability Managed adaptations scheme.