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Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers

Our range of Hand Controls and Driving Adaptations allow disabled drivers a freedom and control that is hard to imagine. Whatever your disablity, the chances are we can provide you with a driving solution. Please see our ingenious 'one click' Disabled Driver Buying Guide for instant guidance on what solutions are possible for you.

In addition to our range of traditional Hand Controls shown below, we also produce a wide range of Driving Aids. Many of these are also suitable for non disabled drivers, for example those with shorter legs or weaker limbs.

Disabled Driving Solutions Guide
Brake & Accelerator
The original push pull hand controls
First produced in the 1970s, our original push pull brake and accelerator is still considered the best by many disabled drivers.
Brake Only
Hand controls allowing the driver to operate the brake only.
Accelerator only
Hand controls allowing the driver to operate the accelerator only..
Steering Spinners
Wide selection of different options
Make turning the steering wheel easier for those with limited dexterity.
Over Ring Accelerator
Blends seamlessly into your vehicle
Electronic and unobtrusive accelerator control ring fitted on steering wheel.
Ghost Under Ring Accelerator
Effortless acceleration using a rotating ring mounted under the steering wheel
Compact Hand Controls
Allow you to drive any automatic car
Compact floor mounted design hand controls..
Auto Clutch
Converts a manual car into an automatic!
An electronic solution giving the driver a button operated clutch mounted on the standard manual gearstick.
Right Hand Clutch
Allows a person with a left leg disability to drive a manual vehicle
Radial Brake and Accelerator
A pivot style hand control instead of the usual push pull version.
Wireless and Electronic Controls
Remote operation of lights, wipers, horn etc. from wireless control on steering wheel..
Under Ring Accelerator
Provides an unobtrusive and light and non-tiring acceleation hand control.
Portable Hand Controls
Allow you to drive any automatic car
Portable hand controls allow you to test drive cars or can be used as a temporary solution.
Driving aids and Adaptations
A link to our range of other driving adaptations suitable for disabled and able bodied drivers.

Agent Network

We have agents throughout the country who can fit hand controls at your home. For details of your nearest agent, please contact us.


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