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Automatic clutch for manual cars

Automatic clutch for manual cars

This ingenious design of Auto Clutch from Alfred Bekker allows you to depress the clutch on a manual car by pressing a button located on the end of the gear stick. When combined with our brake and accelerator controls, the user is able to drive a manual car when previously it was almost impossible.

The Alfred Bekker AutoClutch allows precise and comfortable clutch control. The compact clutch drive assembly is located under the dashboard adjacent to the clutch pedal and is conntacted to an electronic module. (can be seen in image on the right).

The module measures the vehicle speed and current position of the accelerator and clutch pedals. Based on the measured values, the module moves the clutch pedal to the optimum position. It comes with three memory settings that can be set for individual driving conditions, i.e. bad weather/snow, steep/hilly roads etc. Selecting a drive mode is as simple as pressing a button on the control module.

Program two on the module can be set to the users own specific requirements, allowing the driver to tailor the system to his or her particular driving style.


  • turns a manual car into a semi automatic with push button clutch
  • simple button on gearstick depresses the clutch
  • constant monitoring of speed and pedal positions by electronic control unit

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